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noteCASY will change the way you work with induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC). Like for other types of samples, no special sample preparation is required. In case of iPSCs, this is truer than ever before. Choose Trypsin, Accutase, EDTA or maybe another method – CASY will count your cells independent of the level of aggregation. Moreover, Mean Size and Mean Volume make the level of aggregation measurable.

So, stop torturing your cells while preparing them for other counting methods – start using CASY.

Human iPSC have been prepared with Trypsin (orange), Accutase (yellow) and EDTA (red). The level of aggregation is visible easily. Volume based aggregation correction allows counting them with the same easy to use template and to provide robust accurate and reproducible results.

The perfect system for standardization of your workflow from expansion of pluripotent stem cell in 3D with highest yield and homogeneity to differentiation into organoids and more, is our CERO 3D Incubator. Complimentary to the workflow, are cell culture lab consumables by HiMedia and Proteintech


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