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Bacteria | Set of CASY results for bacteria 

Bacteria are growing rapidly and the cell number doubles often in 20 min or less. Counting them can be a real challenge and results are normally not precise or accurate.

Commonly used plating needs a long time until a result is at hand and the accuracy is very limited. One of the problems is that the number of bacteria counted often does not reflect a representative sample due to the high concentration of cells in culture. Alternative methods like measuring optical density (OD) only provide a rough idea of the concentration range.

If you are looking for a fast and precise way to count your bacteria, try CASY. Normally, within 45 seconds CASY will count up to 50,000 cells and provide a precise cell number.

​Besides E. coli (top) and B. subtillis a huge number of other different bacteria have already been successfully counted using CASY:

Results of Overview of CASY


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