Algea  Report


Algea – watch it budding 

Algea and Protozoa Report

Raphidocelis subcapitata is a sweet water algae that is used in environmental testing. Growth and budding can be synchronized by light. CASY allows to follow the budding process very precisely.

R. subcapitata has a cell size of 6µm and each mother cell buds into 4 daughter cells. As budding begins, increasing numbers of single daughter cells appear. The budding continues over a time period of 4 to 5 hours increasing the number of single buds. In parallel the mother cells at 6µm almost completely disappear. Download the application notes down below.

In some cases CASY can be used in an indirect way: In this lab, the amount of algae provided as food for Daphnia needed to be standardized. The appetite of Daphnia correlates with water quality. Therefore CASY was used to measure the initial amount of algae and what was left after one hour.

Want to learn more? Download the application note available in the “Downloads” section.

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