Analyze and Image your cells in Real Time

Learn more about The xCELLigence® RTCA eSight is the first its kind, a Dual Function Cell Analyzer.

xCELLigence® Real Time Cell Analyzer (RTCA) eSight is like an incubator microscope. It allows the analysis and live cell imaging of your cell culture in real time. Like the live cell analysis xCELLigence® RTCA, the xCELLigence® eSight also works on the principle of impedance

The xCELLigence® RTCA eSight is the first its kind, a Dual Function Cell Analyzer.

Simple workflow: It has a simple workflow with easy acquisition & in-depth analysis and can be used to obtain more information/data.

One experiment, two perspectives: As an incubator microscope, the real time live cell imaging system xCELLigence® RTCA eSight gives you 2 perspectives – the imaging data and the accurate, real time kinetics measured by biosensors on the same cell populations, independently or simultaneously.

Quantitative data about cell behavior in real time: Acquire details into cell quality and function since the xCELLigence® RTCA eSight provides unprecedented level of details into cells for quality assessment such as cell number, size, and adhesion, without any user intervention to generate physiologically relevant results.

Wide range of assays: It can be used in a wide range of cell-based assays such as proliferation, cytotoxicity and apoptosis. Track cell behavior and generate quantitative real time adhesion and morphological data and learn about mechanism of actions using imaging coupled with the time resolution of live tracking functionality.

Confidence in the data: There is an additional value of collecting data from a single plate on the same cell populations and gain insightful information on cell behavior. Running two assays from the same cell populations provides an internal control and less variability than working with multiple replicate plates. Since one can run parallel assays in the same plate, in the same instrument, and on the same cells, one can eliminate any doubt of inconsistency created by plate-to-plate, material-to-material, and instrument-to-instrument variability.

Multiplexing: The power of multiplexing offers information “richness”. The eSight instrument allows the tracking of cell health and behavior simultaneously, and of the same cell populations, from the very different vantage points of real-time cellular impedance and live cell imaging.

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