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"Dive into 20 years of OLS's pioneering cell research. The cell counter made-in-Germany, crafted for visionary researchers, emphasizes precision and innovation."

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Prof. Dr. Julia Bornhorst, Food Chemistry, University of Wuppertal
Dr. J. Weinreich, Experimentelle Onkologie, Universitätsklinikum Tübingen
Dr. Wilhelm Palm, Head of Junior Research Group Cell SIgnaling and Metabolism, German Cancer Research Center

"What are the key features of CASY?"


  • Highest reproducibility and accuracy for anything you want to analyze
  • No sample preparation, easy use
  • High speed at low cost
  • Transparent results and quality control
  • Thousands of publications and thousands of installations
  • GMP/GLP compliant
  • Optional 21CFR Part 11 module

CASY Cell Counter & Analyzer – always the best choice, whatever you want to analyze. From large stem cell aggregates to small yeast or even bacteria. CASY provides unmatched precision and reproducibility.

CASY can do it all – the unique detection mechanism will support you even with challenging applications.

The Key Advantages of CASY

"What do you count?"


Algea Feeding - Daphnia

Ecotoxicology: Algea Feeding Rates of Daphnia magna 

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CASY Technology

Learn how CASY works

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The Cytotoxicity of Anti-Cancer Drug Combinations

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Know your PMBCs

Learn how CASY counts PMBC's

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Track T-cell activation 

Learn how CASY works with T-Cell activation

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iPSC flexible handling

Learn how CASY works with iPSC

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Algea and Protozoa

Set of CASY results for algea and protozoa

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Set of CASY results for bacteria

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Erythrocytes and Plates

Set of CASY results for erythrocytes and plates

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Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Set of CASY results for saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Fungi Spores

Set of CASY results for Fungi Spores

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Pollen Counting

Set of CASY results for pollen counting

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Primary Cells

Set of CASY results for primary cells

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Trypanosoma or Leishmania

Set of CASY results Trypanosoma or Leishmania

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OLS - News, Events - Messe 2024

Emotions Run High as the Inventor of the CASY Cell Counter visited OLS Booth at Analytica

In a whirlwind of excitement, our booth A3-201 at #analytica 2024 became the center of emotion as the inventor of the groundbreaking CASY Cell Counter made a surprise visit. The atmosphere crackled with anticipation and awe as attendees realized they were in the presence of a pioneer whose work had revolutionized cell analysis.

Karl-Heinz Boven invented the CASY Cell Counter together with his partner Andreas Möller and launched it at Analytica in 1992.

- 32 years later at Analytica 2024, OLS launched the fifth model of the cell counter – The CASYvivo.

The CASY Cell Counter had been a game-changer in the world of cell analysis since its inception. Its ability to accurately and efficiently count and characterize cells has paved the way for countless discoveries and advancements in various fields, from cancer research to drug development. The new CASYvivo will even further improve cell counting and analysis.

But beyond the excitement of meeting the inventor, “there was a deeper sense of appreciation for the ongoing development in research resulting in further innovations enhancing results", said Dr. Andreas Friese Friese, CEO of OMNI Life Science. The OLS team  thanked Mr. Boven for his groundbreaking work that had propelled their own research forward. They are even more proud and to passionate work for OLS -  THE Partner in Cell Research; they will continue to shape the landscape of scientific discovery for years to come, inspired by Karl-Heinz Boven's pioneering spirit. 


"Launch of the CASY Vivo, Analytica 2024"

"Launch of the first CASY, Analytica 1992"


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